Thursday, 13 March 2014



Makes you flexible, long, long, strong lean confident body.


Take the time to breathe deeply.  This helps to calm you and brings life sustaining oxygen to your cells. It revitalizes the mind to it’s natural state with a sense of tranquility.


Our habits in everyday life are always demonstrated on the mat. It is our tendencies as humans. We are given a choice every single moment of our lives to choose what is better for ourselves. We can re-create our lives every single day. Regular Yoga practice gives you peace of  mind. It will give you strength and courage to be constantly expanding and improving your life.


When you are relaxed and peaceful your bodily systems are brought back into homeostasis, therefore you can steer yourself toward a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Yoga practice gives the opportunity to make space in our bodies.  We release tension and it calms our minds.  Only then we are able to tap into  our intuition and receive better guidance on our choices and decisions.


Practicing Yoga prepares our mind and body to release negative blocked energy. This will balance your energy, releases stress, so that our creative self can express itself in the world.


Yoga practice connects us spiritually.  We are all connected as One to serve each other in love. The practice brings us to the realization of togetherness, being kind and loving to each other.  A sense of belonging and all our actions will be intended for the greater good of ourselves and others.

Much Love & Good Health,

Coach Tina XO

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